Lee Gardner

Managing Director

I have been helping clients make sense of money for nearly 30 years.

Although the rules and regulations may change, the one constant is that Financial Planning is more than simply helping you save, invest or pick the right financial product.

It’s about understanding what is important to you, the life you would like to lead and being able to give you the peace of mind that you are not alone in making the big, the small or the difficult decisions that life throws our way.

As your adviser, my job is to give you answers to your financial questions in plain English, so you can make educated and informed decisions about your money.

I specialise in helping clients who are considering their retirement, or have actually retired and want help and guidance in managing their money through this process.

Using cash flow modelling we can help you work out how much money you will need in retirement.

Importantly this will give you the confidence to have the best retirement you can possibly have and ensure that you will not run out of money.

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What drives me?

My passion is to bring financial planning to as many people as possible, so they can live a life of true freedom without worrying about money.

Outside of work I have lots of interests –  I have a strict fitness regime and I am a keen golfer. Notice I said keen and not good !

I also manage my son’s Junior football team, which I absolutely love.

My qualifications

Currently studying to achieve Chartered status

My work predominantly focuses on assisting clients with their Wealth Management and Retirement Planning needs.